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I understand how frustrating it can be to never get the answers you need from conventional medicine. For my patients, gone are the days of third and fourth opinions, wasted time, getting lost in self diagnosis ,and website pages giving you conflicting information.

We look at things that conventional medicine doesn’t look at. We want to get you from acceptable levels to optimal levels. We understand that just because you are within normal range, at the particular time of day, doesn’t mean you are okay.

I am the person you come to with multiple issues. I sit with you for an hour+ talk to you and run tests to get a complete understanding of what you are going through. Being healthy isn’t as simple as it was 50 years ago and for that reason, I make it my duty to get you to your Optimal Health.

I have not felt well for several years. After several specialists who did not help. I saw Laura. I am now starting to feel like my old self! Thank you, Laura, Ashley, and Mona!


Yesterday I went to another clinic for my Well Woman Exam, due to my insurance. I must tell you that you have spoiled me. I've always felt that you gave me a lot of time and that the exam was a thorough one. I don't think I've ever said thank you....but Thank You! The difference was astonishing to me. You are the best!


The Functional Approach

The visible portion of an iceberg represents the challenges readily apparent to us. However, the true origins of these challenges lie in a vast and concealed expanse beneath the surface, eluding casual observation.

Functional Medicine takes a systems-oriented approach that focuses on the root causes of illness. It involves a collaborative partnership between the patient and practitioner, aiming to treat the person as a whole rather than just their symptoms. This approach shifts away from the conventional disease-centered model of medical practice, placing the patient at the center of care.

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